5 minutes with… Alexandra Doig of Atticus Lawyers

5 minutes with… Alexandra Doig of Atticus Lawyers


Every lawyer approaches marketing differently. Whether you’re an Instagram marketing pro, all about SEO or just have no idea where to start, different strategies work for different firms.

With this in mind, we are excited to introduce LegalStudio’s new Q&A interview series with some of the best lawyers and marketing gurus in Australia and beyond.

We want to share with you insights into how a range of lawyers and firms market themselves, including their tips and tricks, strategies, and marketing challenges.




Our first Q&A guest is Alexandra Doig, Managing Partner of Melbourne-based Atticus Lawyers & Advisers. Atticus featured in our ‘10 Inspiring Instagram Pages’ article, so we were excited to chat with the lawyer behind the Instagram about her favourite online platform, why marketing is important for Atticus, and her typical work day.


(1) Tell us a bit about yourself and your work.

Atticus is a commercial law firm based in South Melbourne. I started my legal life as a commercial litigator, and I still love fighting with people (!) but now we also do a lot of front end commercial work like drafting contracts and helping businesses grow or consolidate (or pivot #startupbuzzword). Basically we do good work for good people doing good things, who want to get stuff done while laughing and drinking either coffee or wine. Unless they’re litigation clients, in which case it’s creepy if they’re laughing.

(2) What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Solving problems and making the law interesting, make sense, and *gasp* fun.

(3) Take us through your typical work day.

Coffee. Emails. Coffee. Phone calls. Emails. Writing things other than emails. Emails. Coffee. Phone calls. Wine. That makes me sound like an alcoholic, my typical day doesn’t usually end with wine but some days you just need the medicine!

(4) How important is marketing for your law firm?

I think it’s important in the sense that there are SO many law firms, so we all have to market on some level – whether that’s directly to clients or potential clients, or to referrers or potential referrers. You just have to find your sweet spot and play to your strengths.

(5) How did you first learn about marketing strategies for your firm?

There are marketing strategies I can use for my firm? Haha I don’t know anything about marketing. I just post whatever feels right.

(6) How do you continue to stay on top of new marketing trends?

As above. I know 2 things – how to be a lawyer and how to be myself. I jam those 2 things together and you get the Atticus Instagram page!

(7) What online platform or practice do you focus most of your marketing efforts, and why?

We only really use Instagram. That’s really just because I like to share images of what’s happening in the office and throw in a quick caption and some completely unhelpful hashtags and hit post.

(8) What area of marketing do you find most challenging or want to know more about?

Probably just how to reach and engage with more people without making any effort whatsoever 😛

(9) If you could give one piece of advice to other lawyers wanting to market their firms, what would it be?

Find your personality and run with it. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Just be yourself and don’t be safe. Unless you are safe. In which case, be safe. Remember, don’t try to be something you’re not.


Thank you so much, Alexandra of Attitus Lawyers! We love what your firm encapsulates.

Alexandra has hit the nail on the head when it comes to why marketing is so important. There are so many law firms out there. The number of boutique law firms are on the rapid incline, so it’s important to stand out, sparkle, show your vibe, and get ahead of your competitors. It’s a jungle out there, law firms simply will not survive long term without proper marketing objectives.

But, we get it, lawyers are insanely busy! How in the world are you expected to have time to do both client work and market your firm? It’s near impossible and, of course, marketing will never make it to #1 on the priority list when client work is calling.

Atticus has chosen to focus on one social media platform, and then nail it. Which they totally have! That is the route to take. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a plethora of social media platforms. Choose one or two (see our blog post on social media hints) to start with, and then go for it.

Alexandra, I don’t think you’re the only one who thinks – “there are marketing strategies for my firm?”. It breaks our heart, but it shows we have work to do when it comes to showing law firms how to nail their marketing by having a clear strategy that is achievable and effective.

As we say, KISS = Keep It Simple, Simran.

Marketing doesn’t need to be hard. We love that Alexandra has chosen a marketing activity that she enjoys doing. It’s simple, effective, and easy to implement. Thumbs up, Atticus!

You gotta love marketing, so do as Atticus Lawyers does!

Hi, lovely people! I’m Simran, and I’m here to help savvy new service-based business owners grow a solid online business and be business smart. Marketing is key to growing a business with long term vision. So, I am here to unlock the secrets to making marketing easy and simple to action.