How to find your ideal clients on social media

How to find your ideal clients on social media

A mini guide for early stage business owners wanting to set up and streamline their social channels.

I have spoken to many early stage business owners who don’t believe in the power of social media and have said to me that their clients are not on social media and that it’s not the right place to market themselves and attract their dream clients. Have those thoughts gone through your head at any point? I am here to show you the best ways to find your clients on social media and then how to attract them, because they are on there!

It starts and ends with a well crafted strategy. Strategy is a key component when it comes to growing your business and attracting new clients on social media. Setting your objectives and goals, and then crafting a strategy to reach those goals.

Strategy, connection, showing up every day, consistency, having a purpose, providing value, creating your digital footprint, being unapologetically you…

These are all important elements to growing your brand online and attracting your target audience.

Target audience intelligence

Knowing your ideal client is important and includes knowing their demographics, interests, their struggles and pain points, and where they hang out online. Knowing who your dream client is and knowing what makes them tick will help you direct your marketing strategy, and avoid wasting time. All of your marketing planning stems from knowing your client in detail.

Once you have your client avatar, then look at your current practices. Do you keep a record of your clients, even if they are a non-repeat client? Do you know how they find you and do you keep a record of common questions they ask you?


Cheeky stalk audit of your competitors

I am all about collaboration over competition, but I know everything about my competitors including who they are, their social habits, their website in detail, what is working and not working for them, and where their clients are coming from.


List out your services

What are all of your products and services on offer, both free and paid? These may be digital courses, guides, coaching, consulting, masterclasses, your lead magnets.

Knowing your products and services in details means that you can sell them more effectively to your dream clients. If you don’t know, they won’t know.


Finding your dream clients on social media

When starting on socials, start by connecting with your colleagues, referrers, clients, past and present, target clients – who you would love to work with, influencers in your niche, and other similar but non-competing brands. And then, engage with them. Create connection.

The best way to make connection with your dream clients is through engagement, and providing valuable content.

And, for those who think that unless a client is a repeat client, that you don’t need to keep a record of them… Treat a non-repeat client like a referrer. Capture their details, share valuable content, ask that they connect with you on socials, ask for testimonials if appropriate, stay top of mind. This should be standard practice. By losing that one client, you are essentially losing their entire network. If that is your dream client, chances are that they may know other dream clients.

Be creative. It’s not about continually bombarding them with irrelevant information, but instead about providing value and staying top of mind.



Your vibe attracts your tribe. Attract your dream clients by connecting with them. How do you connect? By providing content that resonates, that speaks to them, that adds value, and that is personal.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it – Simon Sinek.

Attracting your dream client involves knowing where they hang out online. It also involves knowing your point of difference, what sets you apart, your USP. There are plenty of law firms out there offering the exact same service. What sets you apart is your and your brand. Think of it this way – why do you follow brands on social media? Because you vibe with them, enjoy their content, and how they present themselves. You resonate with them. They may not offer any hugely unique content, but you like their vibe and their presence.



Posting valuable content is the best method to attracting your dream clients. Show them what you’ve got! Become a client magnet by providing content that is so valuable that people say, I can’t believe this is free!

We are talking about social media here, but content comes in many forms – masterclasses, video, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, articles, case studies, sharing stories.

There are many ways to reach your target audience. Think about how your dream client would like to consume content. Would they prefer to watch a video as they sit on public transport on their way to work or listen to audio as they run errands?


Become a client magnet

Becoming a client magnet involves creating a deep digital footprint.

This means getting online, setting your digital foot print, on social media, having a website, and building an email list. Put in the work and reap the rewards. Everything you put out there in the online world should directly resonate with your dream clients.



Purpose, goals, objectives, strategy

Ah, strategy. The word I really don’t like as it makes it seem much more complicated than it has to be. Essentially, strategy is a framework, a pathway, giving you a start point and end point.

Having strong social foundations from day 1, you are setting yourself up for success. Your future strategies will thank you for it.

Building solid foundations involves choosing the socials you will be using (the general rule of thumb is going where your clients and referrers are). I would suggest choosing 1 or 2 platforms – make is manageable, make it achievable. As, the platforms you end up choosing you will then absolutely own them!

Next, have a purpose for your platforms. Each platform would essentially have a different purpose, it could be educational, inspirational, trainings. Don’t do as I did when I first started, and have 4 platforms!

Choosing a purpose for each platform will help you filter your audience accordingly. When it comes to social media you want to be nurturing your relationships with current clients, future clients and referral sources. So, knowing your client is critical as it will help you identify where they hang out online and which platforms you choose.

Do an audit of your current position on socials like follower count, engagement rates, average activity per week.

After this, you are able to build out a strategy.


Show up

This one is a biggie. Show up, be consistent, become familiar, be expected on your platform, you want your dream clients to be waiting for your next post!


Be consistent, be unapologetically you.

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