Kick start your marketing with these proven strategies

Kick start your marketing with these proven strategies

How to grow your business online and catapult your visibility online with proven marketing strategies. Marketing is similar to how we feel when going to the gym… We want the results, and we want it fast, but it’s all too easy to let it slide.

You miss a day, a week, and then before you know it a month has gone by and then it approaches too-hard-basket territory. Why are we so drawn in to procrastination?!

But, have you got a spare 20 minutes in your day? That’s all you need to get your marketing started.


It’s all about control.


Just as you put in the work to stay in shape, you need to be proactive to stay on top of your marketing game — i.e., keeping up to date with new developments, understanding different trends, and continuously working on marketing your own firm.

It’s about fitting marketing into your routine – start weekly, see the results and then you’ll be excited to move to daily. Marketing can be addictive!

You control marketing, don’t let marketing control you.

For lawyers, we get it, time is of the essence, time is money! So, we have compiled some easy-to-implement marketing ideas that will take a measly 20 minutes per day to start with. Set a daily reminder on your phone or leave a Post-It on your desk. You can do these on your way to work, during a lunch break, at your desk… and nope, no treadmills involved! Some you can even automate!


1. ‘Listen’ on social media (eavesdropping?)

“Monitoring sees trees; listening sees the forest.”

CEO of Networked Insights, Dan Neely

‘Listening’ truly is the key to upping your marketing game. You want to know what people are saying about your firm, what’s going on with your competitors, trending topics, what people are loving in your space, what’s working, what’s not. You want it all, and you want it now. Social media is the primary space in which discussion of brands and businesses takes place — from ‘tweets’ to Google reviews to Facebook posts. If you want to know what’s going on, there’s no better place than social media.

Tuning into online discussions will help you to build a better understanding of clients’ perceptions of your firm. It’s like being able to eavesdrop in on (albeit very public) conversations.

Also, ‘listen’ to what your competition are doing and saying online. What ideas can you take away from them? What are they doing badly or well? How can you one-up them on Facebook?!  

Listening on social media will help you learn about your competitors, you and your firm, and your clients (which will help you create your client avatar).

Playing naughty, but nice.

Some social listening tools to check out:


Google Alerts



Social Mention

Twitter – see what’s trending simply by checking out Twitter daily.

Your end goal is engagement when it comes to social media, through comments, replying to comments, shares… Genuine, value-add engagement is key. And, engagement is a great way to ‘listen’.

As you settle in to the marketing scene, start joining Facebook groups and engage by providing relevant comments on posts without sounding ‘salesy’, of course. You will work your way quickly to this point once you’ve figured out the whole social media deal.

Here are some amazing Facebook community groups to consider joining:

Newlaw Chambers

Australian Women Lawyers

Ladies Who Lawyer

Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine

This is just a tip of the iceberg, there are plenty out there. Join groups specifically related to your area of law, related associations, follow people who are significant in your area.


2. Read the news

News = knowledge

Trends change fast, so do your research and keep on top of what’s new. It may not sound like it, but it’s a fun part of the process finding new ways to market your firm. One minute you’re being told radio advertising is all the rage; the next, ‘artificial intelligence’ is being thrown at you before you can say ‘holy robots’.


But fear not — regularly check marketing blogs or social media pages and you will stay on top of industry changes. Some ideas: follow @HootSuite, Neil Patel, and (of course) subscribe to LegalStudio — your one-stop legal marketing fix.


3. Testimonials are the holy grail

Asking past clients for testimonials only takes a few minutes. It’s scary even thinking about asking for someone to provide you with a glowing review for you to gush all over. Automate the process, then you don’t have to prep yourself mentally every time you ask for it.

The benefits are amazing. Testimonials are powerful tools to build credibility, trust and evidence success. In an age where virtually everyone Googles a business or firm before choosing to reach out to them, endorsement and positive social proof are key. Yes, that includes law firms. Plus, it’s a great way to see what your clients like about you, and areas you could improve.

Essentially, you’ll want to ask for a written communication from a client that talks about what they liked about you and your firm — i.e. a description of the work undertaken, highlighting the success achieved, and including a comment that the client happily recommends you.

You can ask them for a review for Google or Facebook, or even to include in your socials, newsletter or website.


4. Do a brain dump

Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm.

Put time aside to brainstorm or scribble down any ideas that pop into your head. You can use these as topics for future blog posts, videos and newsletters. Some may be crap and bin-worthy, but some ideas might turn out to be gold and spark an idea for potential future marketing content.

Create a library of topics today to set you up later on when you start generating content.

TIP: Create a folder in the Notes app on your phone. Then, as you come up with ideas on the go, write them in one place. You will find, over time, that ideas will flow more freely, so it’s a great idea to have a location to dump all of them!


5. Lights, camera, action – roll the video

In 2019, marketing has evolved, so your strategies and tactics that you were using in, even, 2018, will need to change and adapt accordingly. We cannot speak more highly of video content.

Video content is currently under utilised so there actually is an opportunity to jump on board before it becomes saturated. People will engage through videos, and social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn all give you more opportunity for views.

Why is video so beneficial? Social platforms favour video so they will move to the top of your followers’ newsfeeds. In addition to that, social users tend to favour video over any other form of content, right now.

You need to be leveraging video, and should definitely be in your 2019 marketing strategy.


6. Listen to marketing podcasts

Virtually everything can be on-the-go now — takeaway coffee, sending emails from your phone, and (thanks to podcasts) even wising up on marketing strategies.

Marketing podcasts are incredibly valuable resources for understanding trending marketing strategies. They’re easy to digest, insightful and best of all, give your contract/affidavit/case-reading eyes a rest. Tune in during your morning commute to work, a lunchtime stroll or even at the gym.

What are some of our favourites, you ask?

Social Pros

The Science of Social Media

Ruby Lee

Stevie Says Social Podcast

Amy Porterfield

Again, you’ll be listening today to build up your education and knowledge, so that tomorrow you can start doing your own!

So voilà! A few quick, easy but highly beneficial marketing ideas to fit into your daily routine. As your gym class instructor would say, put in the time and get the results.

These small things will help set you up for further, more structured marketing down the track.

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