How to tackle the scary ‘S’ word: Strategy

How to tackle the scary ‘S’ word: Strategy

The word ‘strategy’ is frequently bounced around in marketing talk. 

It can seem ambiguous and scary, dredging up visions of being locked in a room with your colleagues and a whiteboard for hours on end. But, it’s simpler than you may think — and critical to define before you start posting, hashtagging and tweeting. 

As you may or may not know, I am not a fan of the word ‘strategy’ for that reason. It makes the task sound much more complicated and complex than it should be, and is. 

A strategy is the steps to realising your vision for your hustle. It is the framework that will guide you in every marketing decision you make, and achieving your business’ goals and objectives. 

Your strategy will be the building blocks for your marketing action. Once you’ve defined your objectives, you can then reach into your toolbox and select the marketing tools most suitable to execute that strategy. Don’t let the tools come first — the result will be a disjointed and ineffective marketing approach. 


Shiny Object Syndrome

Stay focussed!

Too often, people get caught up in ‘shiny object syndrome’. This is finding out about a new marketing tactic, thinking ‘that sounds like a winner, should I be doing that? Will that get me more clients? I better try it out’, and then going all in without any strategy. This will distract you from your main game plan and it can be costly. It also won’t lead you to where you want to be. Haphazard or ad hoc marketing isn’t effective. It will blow out your budget and it’s a pesky time waster. Beware of going down that rabbit hole!

Also, don’t spread yourself thin doing every marketing activity you can think of. This shotgun approach won’t capture your dream clients’ attention. It simply won’t. Do one thing and own it. Be consistent, persistent and make your mark.


The 90-Day Strategy

Be specific, realistic and achievable

Your strategy is personal to your business objectives and goals, and be achievable, realistic and specific.

So, how do you start setting your objectives? 

When sitting down to set your objectives, you are probably dreading it because you’re thinking 1-year, 2-year and 5-year objectives and plans. Drag! But, what if I told you to break it down to 90 day cycles? Does that seem easier and more achievable? 

Absolutely! Break it down, and these small wins will keep you moving forward. Why 90 days? Your objectives are definable and in bite-size pieces so you will more likely action them in the shorter time frame.

If you have a yearly goal, how likely are you to action, get on top of it and start doing? Chances are slim (to none). If your goals are realistic and actionable in a shorter time frame, you will jump on it quicker as you will see your short term progress. What is key is actions that will motivate you to continue moving forward.

Report, measure, and keep track of your progress. What’s most important is that you keep progressing forward. 



Who is your ideal client? Knowing this is key to your marketing strategy. Be targeted, as that is who your marketing is centred around. Know where your dream clients hang out, what their habits are, what problems they have, and how you can solve them and make their lives better. 

It won’t work without persistence and consistency. Marketing requires setting solid foundations, it requires effort, work and dedication. It involves making a deep footprint, both  digitally and in the hearts’ of your dream clients. There can be a lot of moving parts when it comes to marketing and it is easy to get lost, caught up and overwhelmed, to a point where you give up. 

Let’s think social media. On Instagram, for example, there is a gestation period where your dream clients are getting to know you, they’re finding out what you’re all about, getting to know you and trust you. Heck, they may not even know that they need your service yet. But, you are setting the foundations by posting daily and building up your engagement levels. 

You are posting daily, getting engagement, you have a selling system in place, you are posting content that speaks to your dream aligned clients, so you are creating the footprint. Then, when your dream client needs a family lawyer or their circumstances change and they realise they require the services of a property lawyer, the foundations have been formed that they will then make contact. It may be a year down the track. 

Think big, think longer term in what you are doing.

Make your business gold. Marketing can only get you so far. You can have the best marketing strategy, but if your service is sub par, you’re fake or you are not gaining the trust from your clients as your service isn’t the best it can be, you will not have sustained, long term growth. 

Your service is not unique. So, to stand out you need to offer the best service that speaks to your dream clients, resonates with them, and solves their problems. 

Making your business gold is about offering a high standard of service, sure, but it’s about identifying what your dream clients’ pain points and struggles are, and then knowing how to solve them and make their lives easier. 

Pivot, adapt, change. Marketing is about trying and testing. If a strategy is working, continue and build on it. If it isn’t working, change, adapt, maneuvre. This is after proper, sustained, all in actioning, I’m not talking giving up or quitting after a week of half-hearted actioning.

Go all in in your efforts and actions. If a marketing strategy is not delivering after proper action has been taken, then change it up. You have an entrepreneur heart, it is on you. 

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